What’s HORON?

What’s HORON

With family, neighbors, nature and society

[HORON] means the unit of whole and part balancing each other and harmonizing organically. It is also used as a pronoun of coexistence. Multiple dwelling house in 21st century will be required coexistence」of individual and society, human and nature, communication with neighbors. “X”EXA HORON, developed by us, is entirely a new construction method of multiple dwelling house. It excels in openness, independence and communicative function with neighbors compared to the former high-density residence.

We, Light architecture office, propose multiple dwelling house construction by using HORON construction method as a way of making 21st century town that is comfortable to live in.

The multiple dwelling house put importance not only on valuing individual but also on living with family, neighbors, nature and society. This is the origin of “X”EXA HORON.

Ideal type of multiple dwelling house

HORON can realize a multiple dwelling house at a low price (*) as mentioned below.

Open space with light, wind and verdure

  • Openness of every dwelling unit like a dwelling unit at the corner
  • Outsized balcony as large as a huge courtyard
  • High-sash up to the ceiling and the broad view
  • Comfortable room with the light spreading in all directions

Private space with calmness

  • Independent dwelling unit surrounded by the balcony, open ceiling and common space
  • Privacy as if living in a detached house
  • High performance of sound insulation

Common space where people gather

  • Common hole where people gather
  • Bright open ceiling which takes light and wind
  • A variety of common spaces where children can play
  • A community where people can live together is generated

A 100 years housing

  • A stock house that has social significance
  • Double floor structure that can be water section
  • House size and floor plan that can be changeable
  • A durable house realized by light weight and earthquake resistibility

Barrier free, changeable floor

  • Capability of securing Horikotatsu (Japanese foot warmer), skip floor, and storage space by utilizing double floor
  • Full flat floor which is kind to the old and children

*compared to the case of constructing a multiple dwelling house added high valueby the former construction method

Basis of structure & frame development

  • Enlargement of body structure can be possible to every direction, because a frame is consists of three beams from different directions against one poll
  • Structural strength increase by several times compared to the former construction method because of the compound frame made of rectangular and oblique against the poll
  • Durability of 200 or 300 years because of the interchangeability among the structural members

Housing Plans

  • From 1LDK to the full extent as large as you want
  • Various areas or shapes of the dwelling unit can be put into the repeated frame ofquadrangle and octagon
  • Each room is encircling around the triangular-shaped balcony, and enough windowsare equipped in each room

Independent dwelling house which has only little pressure from the next rooms.

We realized the high independence which could be realized only by a high grade multiple dwelling house with both restricting the numbers of common wall and the structure that extends the areas of external wall of each dwelling house. An exclusive balcony has tranquil space because it is separated from the next rooms.

Furthermore, privacy and tranquility are kept inside the house. This is because we consider the sound insulation toward upstairs by using double floor structure or grid beam.

Highly independent housing which is made by the combination of quadrangle and octagon, and common space which has communication.

Building[city style multiple dwelling house for 21st century

Recently, the maintenance of city environment in Japan has been modified since the time of post-war reconstruction when we started to initiate European and American style, and gradually arranged the social adjustment. Today, the multiple dwelling house has gotten a citizenship because of its convenience. There is a progress in getting rid of sticking to a house with a lot and a change from possession to use. Then the fixed land lease holds its citizenship, which contribute to the change of our ideas. Both environment as home and adaptation of social quality or level to space have something to do with human rights problem in a sense.
We are entering the times of adapting to human heart or nature connected to the global environment. After experiencing social phenomena such as Oam Shinrikyou affair, murder cases, Hanshin Awaji earthquake disaster, the conference of global green house effect in Kyoto. Furthermore, people are seeking strongly「universal design」in the aging society. In Japanese contemporary city housing, especially housing environment of the old age in multiple dwelling house and high density resident, there left 「quality of space where we can live」, which is unbelievable when we consider our scientific technology or maturity of life culture.

Various problems of house building have been left by the principles of economic market. These problems are caused by「disturbance of social structure」such as evasion of responsibility whether politically or economically. They reveal our cultural backward.

[Multiple dwelling house for tomorrow]is expected to keep the independence of family members and individuals, to connect to the neighborhood and city space, to unite the heart of regional residence with nature – sun, wind, rain and verdure ?, and to become environmental coexistence space where comfort and tranquility of body and heart increase. It is required to remodel this space into[the system that can vitalize its coordination]with global resources or energy counter plan responding to the resident’s value and finance by combining science, technology and circulation.

We propose[“X”EXA HORON]as a construction system. It becomes the core of the mechanism which makes[multiple dwelling house for tomorrow]in 21st century.

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