Basis of structure & frame development

Basis of structure and frame development

SDG Structural Design Group Co.,Ltd. Kunio Watanabe

The structure of “X” EXA HORON
  1. The structure has three basic conditions which have to be required. First,「safety」;life and estate have to be protected without collapsing by huge earthquake. Second, improvement of「habitability」; it is possible to realize deformation control protection which prevent the building from shaking by earthquake. Third,「durability」; the structure lasts long. It is important to realize these three conditions in one structure.
  2. “X” EXA HORON is several times as rational as former structure. This is because “X” HORON has a compound flame structure made of rectangular and oblique against a poll. So it increases structural strength, whereas the former one has only rectangular axis.
  3. This basic system, showing rational strength to the low-raised building, can meet three basic structural conditions by additional system when it comes to the high-raised building. A variety of additional systems can be proposed by the whole size and location condition, for instance, base isolation device or vibration control devise. Nowadays, we can realize base insulation and vibration control at a low price, and guarantee the technique sufficiently.
  4. Although the biggest problem at present is “durability” of building, we consider it from two hundred to three hundred years. To deal with the unexpected situation, we have to consider the interchangeable system among structural members which can be realized by “X” EXA HORON.
  5. This structure can be constructed in a same system whether it is made of steal frame or prestressed concrete. Either can be adopted depending on location environmental conditions. If the building is low-rise, wooden structure (big section glued laminated wood) is also possible.
  6. This system, if observed by the basic principle, has a possibility of changing and developing, and is not a fixed structure. In other words, it is easy to multiply in its future and respond to the changes of the way of life.

Concrete filling steal pipe construction (CFT)

CFT is a construction method which is used as reinforcing an express-way from the experience of Hanshin great earthquake. It draws attention as the third structure that is superior to the constructions of the reinforced concrete and reinforced steal frame concrete. Super high condominium (Elza Tower, 607ft) has been already completed in 1998.

Frame suitable for compound space

Poll position of housing system
Various housing systems are possible by frame size and direction facing on living space.

Space of facility system, and poll position of housing system
Various space structures are possible by poll position

Spatial poll position of parking lot facilities
Parking lot can be arranged successfully under the house or facilities.

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