Barrier free, changeable floor

Double and full flat floor which can be storage or Horikotatsu

The structure of inverse beam and double floor not only improve the durability or maintenance but also help us to live comfortably. For example, the floor inside the house is full flat, which is a barrier free design for both the old and children. It is also possible to utilize the under floor space in various ways such as Horikotatsu, skip floor, storage space and the space for air conditioning heat storage instrument. Furthermore, improvement of the sound insulation and fire resistance efficiency is possible.
complex floor stab (floor slab truss + floor. panel + fire resistance celing panel)

Horikotatsu (Japanese foot warmer)
Skip floor
In time of storage In time of use
Put the board and futon under the double floor, and the room becomes neat and the space can be utilized effectively. Pull up the board and futon, and you can use it whenever you want to.
It is possible to change the space by lowering a part of the floor of a room such as living room. It can generate the difference in grade without using a chair.
Under floor storage
Getting rid of difference in grade of unit bath
In time of storage In time of use
Uncommon goods or goods in season can be stored effectively under the double floor. It is also possible to make storage flexibly under the whole surface of floor corresponding to remodeling room or changing floor plan. The panels of double floor become the storage doors which are easy for opening and shuttering.
When you establish the unit bath, it is possible to get rid of difference in grade without changing body structure by using the space of double floor, whereas in the former construction method, floor slab must be lowered. It is also easy to correspond to maintenance or changing floor plan because the space can be the plumbing space.

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