A 100 year housing

A house for a 100 year
Although it is said that the duration of multiple dwelling house of former construction method is from 30 to 50years, there are many cases that cannot help rebuilding the house earlier than it is expected. This is because it costs too much to repair the structures which are divided by the strength wall that cannot make the space adapt to the change of family structure or progress of times, and it also costs too much to repair the plumbing equipment.
In "X"EXA HORON construction method, it is comparatively easy to extend the duration of building by lightening self-weight of the building by the adequate earthquake resistibility structure. It is also easy to repair the plumbing by double floor structure. Furthermore, the structure is easy to be reformed corresponding to the change of family members or the change of the way of life, because the floor panel and wall panel are detachable. In this sense, the house by "X"EXA HORON construction method has the requirements for a hundred year housing.

The size of dwelling unit and floor plan are changeable.
It is possible not only to change the floor plan corresponding to the change of life style but also to change the size of dwelling unit that can cope with the change of family members.
A family of three members
A married couple + a child
1 bed room 667.4 ft2
A family of three members
A married couple + a child
3 bed room 925.7 ft2
A family of two members
A married couple
2 bed room 925.7 ft2
A family of 4 members
A married couple + two children
4 bed room 1,184 ft2
Highly independent housing which is made by the combination of quadrangle and octagon, and common space which has communication.

Double floor method which is easy for maintenance
By the double floor method, vertical plumbing can be set outside of the dwelling unit and the location of water section is not restricted, because the plumbing can pass under floor. By this mechanism, repair or maintenance of drainpipe whose duration is the shortest becomes easy. As a result, the duration of dwelling unit becomes longer.
Safety for the earthquake resistibility
A round poll and three beams stretching to two angles of 135 degrees and one angle of 90 degrees disperse the weight and prevent from being pressured to one direction by earthquake load.
former model

Light structure that has less burden to the body
Detachable floor panel and wall panel. By adopting a light dry construction method to the outer wall, we reduce the burden to the basic steam building frame structure. It is also possible to make curved surface or oblique wall and put outer wall side by side regardless of the location of poll or beam.
floor slab outer wall / partition wall / roof

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