Private space with calmness

Independent dwelling house which has only little pressure from the next rooms.
We realized the high independence which could be realized only by a high grade multiple dwelling house with both restricting the numbers of common wall and the structure that extends the areas of external wall of each dwelling house. An exclusive balcony has tranquil space because it is separated from the next rooms.
Furthermore, privacy and tranquility are kept inside the house. This is because we consider the sound insulation toward upstairs by using double floor structure or grid beam.
Highly independent housing which is made by the combination of quadrangle and octagon, and common space which has communication.
Various residential building plans
Each dwelling unit, surrounded by balcony, open ceiling and common space, is highly independent in the residential building plans.
Balcony is isolated from the houses next door by the wall, so it becomes a special space where you can spend your private time as if you are in the garden.

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